Liquid Yeast Cooling

Liquid yeast is steadily growing in popularity in the industrial market. It can be used in any type of bakery setting. It is crucial to keep liquid yeast cool while being stored. This prevents the premature activation of the culture. It is also important to monitor the temperature of the liquid when it is added to the baking ingredients to allow control of the yeast activation. If the yeast is over stimulated (too hot) you may kill it or have excessive air in the finished product. If it is under stimulated (too cool) you will have no activation of the yeast culture resulting in a flat grainy product. The benefits of using a liquid yeast solution are as follows.

  • quality :perfect control over the yeast’s fermentation power
  • practicality :liquid yeast is easy to incorporate into the mixer
  • technology/economics :accurate, consistent dosing
  • health :maintenance of the right temperature up until dosing
  • hygiene :less handling required
  • Environment:reduced packaging